Buritirama Mining

Buritirama Mining is one of the largest manganese producers in the world. Its ore is recognized worldwide for its quality.


Paranapanema S.A. operates in the casting and refining of primary copper and in the production of semimanufactured copper and its alloys. It is thus the only company to turn mineral copper into metal in Brazil.

Avanti BR

Avanti BR is a company founded in 2018 as a real estate investment platform, logistics provider and major infrastructure projects in the sector.
The company began operations in 2019.

Barcarena Port Terminal

The Barcarena Port Terminal was acquired in 2017 by the group and the project comprises 3 phases with a total of 12 million tons of cargo upon completion and maturation of the last stage. The first phase begins in 2019 for 5 million tons of cargo handled by completion in 2021. It is a company subsidized by Avanti BR.

Nexon Mining

Company founded in 2018 as an investment platform in the mining sector, diversifying the portfolio in the sector in which the Controlling Group operates. The various mining rights of the Group will be concentrated in this operation.

Kalium Mining

Kalium is a mining company founded in March 2010 whose purpose is to harness potassium rocks (Verdetes) for the production of potassium, magnesium, iron and aluminum oxide salts.

Fazendas Nacionais

Fazendas Nacionais commenced operations in 2018. The company is the Group's growth platform in the agribusiness sector.


Integrating modernization and innovation to the Group, in 2019 we started the startup base through BuritiBeta, an incubator that will unite technology and new talent to the Group.