A long view

Buritipar Group started its project and investment platform in 2015, with the vision of investing in operating assets in the base sectors of the Brazilian economy, through the acquisition of companies in the mining, logistics and reforestation sectors.

Founded by businessman and engineer João José Oliveira de Araújo, a professional with over 20 years of experience who has worked in companies from various sectors.

In 2018 three companies were founded, Avanti BR, Nexon Mining and National Farms, to diversify their assets in the infrastructure, mining, logistics and agribusiness sectors. In addition to the construction of Barcarena Port Terminal, a subsidiary of Avanti BR in the State of Pará.

The group also controls Buritirama Mineração, the country's largest manganese producer and the world's fourth largest.

In 2019, Buritibeta, our investment arm in the technology sector, was founded.

Our mission

Be recognized as a group that controls the largest companies in each sector that operates.

Our vision

Build a solid group and develop businesses that contribute and impact the growth of the Brazilian economy.

Our values

Ethics: Greater foundation that guides us; standards of integrity and honesty in internal and external relations.

Attitude: Have initiative and adaptability in all actions; undertake and strive for excellence.

Commitment: To assume an entrepreneurial attitude, aligned with the business guidelines.

Simplicity: Think and act simply, effectively and objectively, without complications and difficulties, without losing the standards of excellence.

Customer Focus: Identify and ensure that all our customers' needs are met quickly and effectively.

Results Orientation: Effective cost control and process improvement are constant concerns that everyone should understand and pursue on a daily basis.

Our president

João José Oliveira de Araújo

Graduated in Civil Engineering by the Armando Álvares Penteado Foundation – FAAP, with technical courses in economics and mining. He worked as a trainee at Mamoré Mineração e Metalurgia S.A., and at Construtora Bratke Collet. He worked at Banco Fator in the areas of treasury, commercial and mergers & acquisitions. He served as a member of the Board of Directors of Brasil Ecodiesel S.A., Vanguarda Agro. S.A., Alpargatas S.A., Paranapanema S.A. Group. He is currently Controller and Chairman of the Board of Buritipar Group, President of Mineração Buritirama S.A., President of the Port Terminal Company Barcarena S.A., Fazendas Nacionais S.A .. He is Operations and Financial Director of Mineração Buritirama S.A., Administrative Director of J.D.O. of Brazil Emp. and Part. Ltda., São Paulo Guanabara Emp. and Part. Ltda and a member from International Manganese Institute.